Outdoor Bubble House For Varied Uses
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Outdoor Bubble House For Varied Uses

YHJY is a professional leader China Outdoor Bubble House For Varied Uses manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us.The Outdoor Bubble House is a unique and versatile structure that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

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Product Description

1. Outdoor Bubble House For Varied Uses Material: Made of weather-resistant transparent PVC or TPU material

2. Application: villas, dormitories, temporary offices, resorts

3. Design: Its dome-like structure not only looks stylish, but also increases the sense of living space. The entrance to a bubble house is usually designed as an airlock, which not only prevents insects and dust, but also maintains a balance of air pressure inside and outside.

4. Functions and applications

*Home life: Using outdoor bubble houses in severe cold areas in winter can insulate and moisturize the room, reduce heating costs, and improve the living environment.

*Commercial field: As a convenient, fast and powerful "mobile building", the outdoor bubble house can be used in various outdoor activities, exhibitions and other occasions.

*Sports field: In football, basketball and other games, the outdoor bubble house can be used as a temporary resting and dressing area for athletes.

*Cultural exchange field: In domestic and foreign cultural exchange activities, outdoor bubble houses, as a new type of building with the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, and beauty, have been well sought after.

*Medical field: In the medical field, outdoor bubble houses also have high value.

*Film and television fields: Due to its unique shape and high visual impact, outdoor bubble houses bring a lot of creative inspiration to film and television works.

5. Features and advantages

*360° fully transparent design: The outdoor bubble house adopts a fully transparent design without any metal frame, allowing visitors to enjoy the outdoor beauty and feel the sunshine, breeze and birdsong in the room.

*Electric curtains and manual curtains: while ensuring privacy and security, making tourists more comfortable

*Flame retardant, UV protection, and waterproof testing: The membrane material of the outdoor bubble house has been professionally tested and has sufficient safety guarantees.

*Silent fresh air system and air-conditioning system: purify the air in the house and ensure air circulation inside and outside.

6. Size: Can be customized

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