Glass Garden House Aluminum Profile Sunroom
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Glass Garden House Aluminum Profile Sunroom

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality Glass Garden House Aluminum Profile Sunroom. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.Glass Garden House Aluminum Profile Sunroom is a structure designed to create an indoor living space with a lot of natural sunlight and a feeling of being connected to the outdoors.

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Product Description

1. Frame: Use high-quality aluminum profiles as the main frame material

2. Application: garden, villa, outdoor

3. Size: Can be customized according to customer needs

4. Frame material: aluminum alloy

5. Surface treatment: powder coating

6. Keywords: Aluminum glass sunroom

7. Features: Sustainable, waterproof, renewable resources, easy to implement

8. Glass: The top and sides of the sunroom are usually made of hollow tempered glass or laminated glass.

9. Function and design

*Aluminum profiles have excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance and strength, and can withstand the erosion of various climatic conditions (such as sunlight, rain, sand, etc.) while maintaining their original beauty and functionality. At the same time, the high strength of aluminum profiles also ensures that the structure of the sun room is stable and reliable.

*Glass material has excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and UV protection properties, which can effectively block the intrusion of outdoor heat and noise while protecting indoor furniture and decorations from UV damage

*Thermal insulation performance: The combination of aluminum profiles and glass materials makes the sun room have good thermal insulation performance. Aluminum profiles can be used as thermal insulation layers to effectively block heat transfer and reduce indoor temperature fluctuations.

*Lighting performance: The large-area glass design fills the sunroom with natural light, maintaining a bright and comfortable atmosphere.

*Multi-functionality: The glass garden house aluminum profile sunroom can be personalized according to the needs of the residents, such as setting up leisure areas, reading areas, fitness areas and other functional areas to meet diverse leisure needs.

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